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As a company, we offer various board models that can be used in schools and offices, providing our valued customers with a range of options.
Our boards are designed for easy hanging of notes, announcements, and photos, and they are available in a wide variety of colors.
Among our models, you will find wall-mounted, magnetic, wired, metal, and wooden boards, all manufactured using high-quality materials.
Our wall-mountable boards come in various sizes and feature wooden-framed cork, aluminum-framed cork, and aluminum-framed fabric surfaces.
Our company has been operating since 1997 and constantly strives to improve our products and production processes. Each year, we expand our range of offerings and prioritize the use of cutting-edge technologies in our manufacturing operations, aiming to continuously enhance the quality of our products.

For many of our products, including school desks and chairs, we utilize recyclable materials, enabling us to produce in an environmentally friendly manner that aligns with human health standards.
Please contact us to obtain detailed information about our board models and prices.