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Cafeteria Chair

Cafeteria chairs, which feature plastic seats and metal legs made from high-quality materials, reflect the modern designs of today. With

We specialize in the production of all school furniture and equipment. As Gamo School Furniture, we have a wide range of school furniture production groups. Our educational equipment includes School Chairs, Single Student Desks, Double Student Desks, Single School Music Desks, Double Music Desks, School Painting Desks, Modular Desks, Computer Tables, and Teacher Desks. Additionally, we provide Student Lockers, Auditorium Seating, Smart Boards, and Podiums. Under the concept groups, we offer Conference and Cinema Systems, Library Furniture, Cafeteria Furniture, and Laboratory Furniture for Research, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Science Labs. Our product range also includes chairs, office furniture, and other seating options.

Since 1997, our company has been continuously improving our products and production processes. We prioritize the utilization of cutting-edge technologies and strive to enhance the quality of our products. In line with this, we heavily incorporate technology in our production processes to consistently improve product quality.

For many of our products, including school desks and chairs, we use recyclable materials to ensure environmentally friendly and safe production.

All of our productions are carried out by our expert staff in our own factories.