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As Gamo School Furniture, we have been manufacturing plastic, metal, and wooden products for over 20 years. All of our products are developed through our in-house R&D efforts and undergo regular quality control checks by our dedicated unit.

With our industry experience, we not only produce accessories for school desks but also export them to many countries worldwide, in addition to serving customers throughout our country. Our product range includes all the materials used in a classroom, such as desk glides, caps, corner connectors, monoblock chair tops, PP chair tops and backs, connecting screws, tops, metal frames, cabinets, and shelves.

Our monoblock chairs come in various colors and offer ergonomic seating and backrests. We provide a special durability guarantee of 5 years for Z-legged chairs, A-legged chairs, and PP chairs.

We manufacture desk caps, graded internal plastics, grills, and many other accessories for school desks and tables at our own factory, ensuring top quality. Our plastic accessories are non-slip, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting. They prevent wear on metal legs and minimize noise when moving furniture. The colors of our accessories are designed to match the furniture, and we offer various sizes to meet different needs.

School Desk Glides:
Gamo School Furniture offers desk glides suitable for all types of school desks. Our glides are produced using high-quality materials at our own factory, and they undergo thorough quality control checks.

Student Chairs:
We manufacture both table tops and backrests for student chairs, including PP chairs, monoblock chairs, plastic chairs, and inflatable chairs. All of our products have design certificates.

Student Desks:
Whether single or multiple, we have accessories available for all types of student desks. Our desk glides are designed to fit all profile measurements used in student desks.

Just like our other products, we also export school furniture accessories to many countries around the world.

As one of Turkey’s leading plastic manufacturers, we strive to offer the highest quality products at competitive prices while prioritizing customer satisfaction. For detailed information about the features and pricing of our products, please contact us.