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At Gamo School Furniture, we offer a variety of chalkboard models suitable for all types of classrooms. Our range of chalkboards includes magnetic, freestanding, digital, wall-mounted white and green chalkboards, flip chart boards, glass boards, mobile boards, telescopic stand boards, enamel-coated guillotine boards, and smart boards.

Our products cater to all age groups and are not limited to educational institutions; they are also used in various settings such as cafes and restaurants. We not only sell our products at wholesale and retail prices throughout the country but also export them to many countries around the world.

Product prices vary depending on the type, size, and other specifications of the board. For more detailed information about chalkboard models, features, and prices, please contact us through our communication page. Alternatively, you can select models from our range and send us a list to request pricing for those specific items.