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Gamo Okul Mobilyaları offers an exciting laboratory experience!

We manufacture laboratory furniture in our own factory to provide students with a comfortable and safe working environment, as well as to save space and accommodate individual and group work in physics, chemistry, and biology laboratories. We also design and produce storage cabinets that allow easy and secure storage of your equipment.

Our laboratory workstations have properties such as being fire-resistant, non-stick, durable, and resistant to breakage and degradation. They are suitable for various types of laboratory setups, including U-shaped and C-shaped configurations.

We take care of the installation and assembly of the necessary furniture, cabinets, and tables for laboratories.

Our laboratory product range includes teacher desks and control panels, student chairs, student desks, student units, and storage cabinets.

To obtain detailed information about laboratory models, color options, delivery conditions, and prices, as well as to place bulk orders, please contact us.